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Our mission is to consolidate and coordinate the efforts of the Russian language and area studies in order to enhance and expand Russian studies in the region, provide professional and moral support for existing programs, and to create new programs of need and interest to students at all levels of public, private, secondary, and higher educational institutions. The additional benefits would be an exchange of educational programs, ideas, and techniques.

CARTA officially includes the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas but is open for professionals from other states.

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March 6, 2022

Dear CARTA Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

As I am writing this message the eyes of the entire world are on my home country of Ukraine and my home city of Kiev as military actions between Ukraine and Russia escalate.

Politicians, historians, and diplomats will eventually provide detailed and accurate analyses of this confrontation. Different people might have different viewpoints on causes and grounds that lead to this tragic situation. But it does not really matter now. It is my belief and conviction that the war should stop immediately! Our efforts, passion, prayers, feelings, emotional and financial capabilities should be aimed at one and only goal- to stop the bloodshed, destruction, and loss of life while it is still possible and before our world, our dreams, aspirations, and future are consumed by this fire. Each day of fighting adds sorrow, grief, despair to thousands of people.

You - Russian language and culture educators, as well as learners of Russian - are in the position to explain and educate about the rich history of both countries and their contributions to the world. Your colleagues, neighbors, church congregations, and your students are looking up to you since you possess enormous knowledge about the past and present, culture, and traditions of Russia and Ukraine. During this time each word matters since a word can increase or reduce hostilities, hatred, and fears. So, keep doing what you know to do the best: teach and educate, help your schools, students, and communities to live through this devastating time.

We need to start our peace efforts by organizing help for Ukrainian people who suffer the most now, who are forced out of their homes and being scattered throughout Europe.

But we also stand with the people around the world who denounce this war.


Mara Sukholutskaya, CARTA President

The content of the message is wholeheartedly supported by the Carta Board members: Michael Long,  Marita Nummikoski, Harold Schefski, Sally Ziebell, Valentina Iepuri, Joe Liro, and Tatiana Scanlan.

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We are always happy to hear from you

Professor Mara Sukholutskaya

CARTA President

Department of English and Languages,

East Central University,

PMB W-7, Ada, OK 74820

(580) 559-5293

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